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We would be delighted to book your charter by email or phone. Please read the booking information below and then contact us and indicate:

  1. Your full name
    • Your phone number including area code
    • The trip you wish to book (indicate the Destination and the Dates)
    • The number of people in your party
    • Any special needs that you have, including special dietary needs

If you are not ready to book but have questions, please contact our friendly staff!

Phone:   (250) 704-0325

Mailing Address:
Solitude Charters

PO Box 602,
Saanichton, BC.V8M 2C5                                          

Booking - Important Information


  • Non-refundable booking deposit 10%.
  • Further 50% payable at least one month before commencement of the cruise.
  • Non-refundable balance to be paid up one week before commencement of the cruise.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, e-transfer and cash.  If payment is late the reservation will be considered cancelled. 
    Students will purchase the course material when registering. Allow 7 working days for delivery. Book purchase is non-refundable and is extra to the cruise fee..
    Trip and health insurance is highly recommended.


  • We regret that there can be no refunds within a month of commencement of the cruise.

What to Pack

  • Camera gear and extra film or memory storage.
  • Warm sweater and coat.
  • Soft-sided luggage is a must as space is at a premium.
  • Non-marking deck shoes.
  • Toiletries, including shampoo, cream rinse, toothpaste, deodorant, personal soap.
  • Sandals, swim suit, slacks, tees, rain gear, binoculars.
  • Completed ISPA work book.
  • Reading material, reference materials – birds and mammals.
  • Fishing license (including salmon), PCOC if driving the tender.
  • P.J's.
  • Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, antihistamines and your medication.

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